Emily Sears

Emily Sears

Hometown: Austin, TX
Credentials: BSA from ACU, NASM CPT, NASM SFS

About me: I’ve played sports my whole life, so when that ended, fitness became my sport! My main passion is lifting heavy things and trying to push my body to its limits. I love doing anything outside, hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, if it’s outside and ends in “ing” I probably do it, always with my dog Riggs in tow. I’m dog obsessed and you’ll probably hear me talk about it in class….correction you’ll definitely hear me talk about it in class. Hobbies outside of fitness include puns, dad jokes, and mosh pits.

My passion for being a fitness professional stems from my want to help people. Though I was not immediately sure how, I always knew I wanted to build my career around helping others achieve their goals. For a while I thought that was through counseling or recovery for drug and alcohol addiction, but realized I would probably make too many jokes… That’s when I decided to build a career around a love I already had for myself and could work to instill that same drive in others. My goal is not only to get you healthier, but make you feel like a BAD ASS.

After a lifetime in sports Emily Sears turned her competitive drive to fitness. While she enjoys pushing her own body to its limits, she looks to instill self efficacy in others no matter the workout. Emily believes everyone should discover their inner bad ass through training and exercise and wants to help you find it!

Favorite Move: Burpees

My Inspiration: Katrin Davidsdottir. Fascinated by her superhuman abilities.

Can’t miss PodCast: Mugglecast, great way to keep your unhealthy Harry Potter obsession alive when the books are over.

Outdoor Spot: Any of the many hiking trails around Austin

Favorite Dessert: Dark Chocolate