Medwin Mina

Medwin Mina

From: San Francisco, CA

Certifications: TRX, Crossfit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1, Powerlifting Coach, Pre Natal Coach, NCEP Personal Trainer, Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach and former Amateur Fighter

About me: I like to hang out with my kid, lift weights and eat. I enjoy hanging out in Hawaii and spend lots of time there. When I used to fight I never got any serious injuries. Mild Concussion, leg contusions, a broken nose once that my coach fixed in my corner and a few cuts over my eyes that I fixed with super glue instead of stitches. The WORST injury I got was from teaching a class and demonstrating bad technique and tore up my knee and ended my own competitive pursuits

Why did you get into health and fitness? I think Health and Fitness is important and its easier with a coach, a group and with some fun. I used to be obese at over 300lbs working out alone was too hard and un motivating. It very hard to stick with it. Finding a group and finding a way to make it fun is what help me get into a habit of exercise and help get me in shape.