Full body

3-Legged Dog Pose

3-Legged Dog Benefits:

  • Increases hamstring and shoulder flexibility.
  • Improves glute and hamstring strength.
  • Great stabilization exercise for the core.

How to Do the 3-Legged Dog:

Start Position: Assume the Plank position by placing your hands under your shoulders and your feet on the ground. Spread your fingers with your index finger pointing straight ahead and all the other fingers fanning out. Hike your hips to the sky, forming a “V” with your body. Push your chest towards your thighs by using your hands to push away from the ground, and keep your heels as close to the ground as possible.

Movement: Extend one leg, back and up toward the sky, with toes pointed down. Keep your hips square and sink the opposite heel down toward ground. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.

Return: Slowly lower your leg back toward the ground. Repeat with other leg.

Modification and Progression of the 3-Legged Dog:

  • To simplify the 3-Legged Dog, hold the Downward Dog position without lifting a leg.
  • To advance the 3-Legged Dog, progress to Down Dog Rockstar.

Movement Tips:

  • Extend your shoulders by pushing the ground away from you. Pop your head through your shoulders toward your legs.
  • Try to keep your legs as straight as possible to work the hamstrings.
  • Maintain a straight, low back by keeping your hips up and elevated.


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