Lower body

Ankle Stretch

Ankle Stretch Benefits:

  • Increases ankle range of motion, specifically the dorsiflexion movement.
  • Stretches calf muscle.
  • Improves mobility of the ankle and flexibility of the calf.

How to do an Ankle Stretch:

Start Position: Facing the wall, place the toes of one foot up against the wall. For stability, place your hands on the wall.

Movement: Bend your knee toward the wall until you feel a stretch in your calf and ankle.

Return: Straighten out and repeat with your other foot.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify the Ankle Stretch, keep your leg straight instead of bending at the knee.
  • To advance the Ankle Stretch, move your knee forward, and then side to side.

Movement Tips:

  • When you feel the stretch, hold the position for 5 seconds.
  • To get more out of the stretch, hold the position for 3 seconds and back out just a little. Then go deeper and hold the position for another 5 seconds.


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