Lower body

Back Kicks Exercise

Back Kick Benefits:

  • Tones your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Includes an element of cardio for a fat-burning effect.
  • Teaches you an excellent move for self-defense.

How to do the Back Kick:

Start Position: Get into an offset stance by stepping your left foot diagonally in front of the right foot. Place your fists up in a defensive position near your chin.

Movement: Look behind you over your right shoulder while shifting your weight to your left foot. Tilt slightly forward and kick your right foot back with your foot flexed.   

Return: Return to the offset stance and repeat with the other leg. Alternate.

Modification and Progression of the Back Kick:

  • To simplify the Back Kick, decrease your tempo, or place your hands on a steady surface to help with balance.
  • To advance the Back Kick, tilt forward even more while maintaining your balance. Fully extend your knee and hips, and kick higher. Additionally, you can bring your knee to your chest then kick while twisting at your hips for some extra oomph!

Movement Tips:

  • In the beginning, focus on finding your balance on the standing leg.
  • Then work toward maintaining the balance while kicking the opposite leg back — at higher and higher angles.


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