Lower body

Backward Skipping: Coordination Training


  • Challenges your brain by moving the opposite direction than expected.
  • Burns fat with heart-starting, cardio-busting movement.
  • Tones the whole leg including the glute, thigh, and calf muscle.

How to do Skipping Backward:

Starting Point: Stand with both feet together. Look behind you, over your shoulder.

Movement: Skip backward, leaping off the ball of one foot. Absorb the landing with the balls of the opposite foot. Continue looking over your shoulder, in the direction you are moving.

Return: Look and lean forward as you slow to a stop.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Skipping Backward, walk instead of skip.
  • To advance Skipping Backward, raise your arms toward the sky, keeping your elbows near your ears. Skip backwards with this added challenge to your core.

Movement Tips:

  • Land softly on the ball or midsole of your foot.
  • Keep your chest up and shoulders back.
  • Brace your core throughout the movement.

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