Core & Abs

Bear Crawl Exercise

Bear Crawl Benefits:

  • Builds functional strength.
  • Strengthens the core as well as the shoulders.
  • Fits in well in any workout as a total-body move.

How to do the Bear Crawl:

Start Position: Assume the Plank position by getting down on your hands and feet. Now raise your hips towards the sky, knees bent.

Movement: Begin crawling forward, leading with your left hand. Your right foot will follow closely behind. Continue to alternate your hands and feet as you crawl forward, keeping your hips raised high.

Return: Crawl backward to the starting location, leading with the foot and trailing with the opposite hand.

Modification and Progression of the Bear Crawl:

  • To simplify the Bear Crawl, keep your hips high and eliminate the movement. Simply hold the position.
  • To advance the Bear Crawl, move your shoulder past your hand before you switch to the other hand and foot. Or move the same side hand and foot to challenge your core muscles even more!

Movement Tips:

  • Don’t strain your neck looking forward/upward as you crawl. Instead, lower your hips slightly and raise your chest.


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