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Cobra Stretch

Cobra Benefits:

  • Strengthens the upper back to improve posture.
  • Helps relieve neck tension.
  • Counteracts the negative effects of chair-sitting.

How to do Cobra:

Starting Position: Begin by lying on your stomach. Keep your hands palm-down, flat on the ground near your chest. Keep your feet together, with your toes pointed downward.

Movement: Press into your palms, pushing your upper body away from the ground, raising the crown of your head towards the sky.

Return: Slowly lower your upper body back down on the ground, rolling down through the chest first, and finishing with your head.

Modification and Progression of Cobra:

  • To simplify Cobra, shorten your range of motion.
  • To advance Cobra, move your hands down toward your ribcage and perform the exercise.

Movement Tips:

  • Focus on opening up your chest and rolling your shoulders down and back as you raise your head toward the sky.


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