Core & Abs

Flutter Kicks: Ab Exercise


  • Sculpts abs for that summer body.
  • Challenges hip flexors for added leg tone.
  • Improves posture by strengthening internal ab and spinal muscles.

How to do Flutter Kicks:

Starting Position: Begin by lying down on your back. Keep your arms at your sides sides and the palms of your hands facing down. Keeping your legs straight, lift your heels one inch off the ground.

Movement: Drive your palms into the ground as you lift one leg toward the sky, keeping it as straight as possible. Keep your toes pointed toward your shins the whole time.

Return: Lower the leg back to one inch off the ground, then switch legs.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Flutter Kicks, start with legs straight up in the air, directly over your hips. Lower one leg to about  six inches (or less) off the ground. Only lower your legs to the point that you can keep your low back in contact with the ground. If you’d like, you can place your hands under your glutes to support your low back.
  • To advance Flutter Kicks, raise your arms overhead, elbows near the biceps, with your palms facing toward each other. 

Movement Tips:

  • Throughout the motion, think about extending your leg away from your body, straight out. 
  • Maintain a constant breathing pattern throughout the exercise. For example, inhale for two kicks and exhale for two kicks.


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