Lower body

Step Ups Exercise

Benefits of Step Ups:

  • Improves balance as you are standing on one leg.
  • Improves strength in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves when performed slowly.
  • Increases caloric burn to maximize weight loss when performed quickly.

 How to do a Step Up:

Start Position: Place one foot on a stable, steady surface.  Make sure your knee is no higher than hip height.

Movement: Drive through your heel, bringing your back leg off the ground until your knee is at chest height.  Pause.

Return:  Slowly lower your leg back toward the ground, keeping your body weight in the heel of your opposite leg.

 Modification and Progression of a Step Up:

  • To modify the step up, select a shorter step.
  • To progress the step up, add a 3 to 5 second hold at the top, slowly lowering your leg all the way down.

 Movement Tips:  

  • Focus on gently placing your foot back on the ground as opposed to letting it drop quickly.
  • Keep your chest up and your ab muscles tight to improve stability on one leg.
  • Do not forget your glutes!  Wake them up from being a sleeping booty and feel them fire at the top, aiding in your balance on one leg.
  • Turn it into a cardio drill, find a low step one to two inches off the ground and see how fast you can go up, up, down, down.


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