Lower body

Leg Swings Stretch: Sagittal Version


  • Excellent move to warm-up hips.
  • Challenges your balance and coordination.
  • Improves lower-body flexibility and mobility.

How to do Leg Swings:

Starting Position: While placing one hand against a stable surface to assist with balance, stand on one foot. Raise your hip to elevate the opposite foot off the ground.

Movement: Swing your opposite leg forward and back, keeping your leg straight.  

Return: Slowly swing your leg back down, placing your foot on the ground. Switch sides.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Leg Swings, slow your tempo and/or decrease your range of motion.
  • To advance Leg Swings, keep a straight spine and touch your toes with the same-side hand when you swing your leg up.

Movement Tips:

  • Don’t curl your tailbone in. Stick your booty out.
  • Be careful when swinging your leg back down. To prevent hitting your heel on the ground, tilt and raise your hips so the swinging foot is elevated off the ground.
  • Be mindful of your balance on the standing leg. Spread your toes out to stabilize yourself.


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