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How to do Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber Benefits:

  • High calorie burn helps with weight loss
  • Lower body power and shoulder stabilization.
  • Strengthens core.

How to do Mountain Climbers:

Start Position: Plank on hands.

Movement: Drive one knee in toward your chest, keeping your hips stable.

Return: Extend your leg straight back to plank, switch to the opposite leg.  

Modification and Progression of Mountain Climbers:

  • To simplify mountain climbers, change the angle of your body.  Place your hands on a higher, sturdy surface. 
  • To advance mountain climbers, keep a constant high tempo driving the legs in as fast as possible.

Movement Tips:  

  • Make sure to keep your hips in line with shoulders and heels.  Do not let them rise or sink.  
  • Keep your eyes on your fingertips.  Do not look forward or toward toes.  

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