Lower body

Overhead Squat Form

Overhead Squat Benefits:

  • Improves posture.
  • Simultaneously works strength and mobility.
  • Great for calling out muscle imbalances and mobility range of motion issues in the body, helping you to fix them and reduce the risk of injury.

 How to do an Overhead Squat:

Start Position: Standing with your feet between hip and shoulder width apart, take your arms overhead in alignment with your ears, palms facing each other.

Movement: Keeping your arms in the exact same place, sit your hips back and then down, heels glued to the ground, and your chest tall.

Return: Drive through your heels to stand, still maintaining those straight arms by the ears, until hips are fully extended.

 Modification and Progression of an Overhead Squat:

  • To simplify the overhead squat, decrease your range of motion while using proper body mechanics. Or, if you want to work on your mobility, start at the bottom of the overhead squat pulling one arm overhead, then the other.
  • To advance the overhead squat, you can add weight to the movement. Or try it on one leg, making sure you have mastered a body weight overhead squat first.

Movement Tips:  

  • Pull your shoulder blades down your back before you move to keep your shoulders from coming up to your ears.
  • Complete some foam rolling exercises prior to doing the overhead squat to improve flexibility.
  • Make sure your feet are wider than hip width apart for a little more ease coming down.
  • Only do as many reps as you can keeping your arms up. Once they start falling forward, bring your arms down to reset, and start again.


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