Core & Abs

Penguins: Ab Workout


  • Tones abs, making them work laterally as you bend from side to side.
  • Excellent beginner ab exercise.
  • Great when paired with other ab exercises done lying down on the back.

How to do Penguins:

Starting Position: Lie on your back. Keep your knees bent and your heels close to your glutes.

Movement: Lift your head, neck, and shoulders slightly off the ground. Brace your core, reaching one hand to your same-side heel.

Return: Return to center. Switch sides.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Penguins, reach your fingertips one-to-two inches away from your heels rather than all the way.
  • To advance Penguins, move your heels away from your glutes, increasing the reach to tap your heels.

Movement Tips:

  • Avoid tucking the neck into the chest.
  • Squeeze your abs as you touch your heels.
  • Increase the pace at which you tap your heels to make this a fat-burning move.

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