Core & Abs

Pilates Mermaid: Core Strength


  • Tones the abs and shoulders.
  • Improves posture by working the core.
  • Challenges balance and coordination.

How to do Mermaid:

Starting Position: Get down to a Side Plank by supporting your weight on one forearm, feet stacked. Extend your top arm toward the sky.

Movement: Raise your hips up above neutral position. Reach your top arm up and over your ear, as you arc it toward the ground.

Return: Return your hips to neutral in side plank position, lifting your arm back up toward the sky. Repeat on other side.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Mermaid, lift your hips without reaching overhead. Hold Side Plank.
  • To advance Mermaid, lift the top leg in the air as you perform the movement.

Movement Tips:

  • Squeeze your glutes to help you square your hips. You do not want them to drop forward or behind.
  • Press your supporting elbow into the ground, and extend the shoulder.
  • Keep your neck neutral.


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