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Prone IYT Exercise


  • Improves posture by strengthening muscles around the spine.
  • Tones the shoulders and upper back.
  • Strengthens muscles around neck to help reduce neck aches or pain.


How to do Prone IYT:

Starting Point: Lie face down on your stomach, with your arms extended overhead, palms facing each other. Point your toes away from your body.

Movement: Keep your neck in neutral position with your gaze on the ground. Lift your chest off the ground, pulling your arms into ‘I’, ‘Y’, and ‘T’ positions, leading from your elbows.

Return: Slowly lower your upper body back to the ground and place your palms flat on ground.  


Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Prone IYT, perform the ‘I’, ‘Y’, and ‘T’ positions while standing.
  • To advance Prone IYT, lift your legs, hovering them an inch off the ground. Squeeze your glutes. Continue with the exercise in this position.

Movement Tips:

  • Your nose should be about an inch away from the ground.
  • For the “T” position, your palms should be face down.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you perform each letter.


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