Movement Library

Punching Exercise


  • Burn fat with fast-paced cardio movement.
  • Strengthen the core muscles and promote cardiorespiratory function.
  • A fun and intense move when paired with Back Kicks.

How to do Punches:

Starting Position: Get into an offset stance, one foot diagonally in front of the other. Keep your hands up in a defensive position — with your hands in fists at chin level.

Movement: Twist your entire body as you punch right then left. Swivel on the balls of your feet, driving powerfully through your hips. When your arm, extends, it should have a slight bend in the elbow.

Return: After each punch, return your hands to the defensive position at your chin.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Punches, slow your tempo.
  • To advance Punches, add a Back Kick after every one-two punch combo.

Movement Tips:

  • Brace your core as you throw your punches.
  • Keep your chest up and your shoulders back.
  • Remember to breathe through the movement.
  • Clench your fists with your thumbs positioned at the bottom of the fist.


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