Full body

Twisting Lunge: Yoga Poses


  • Increase hip and shoulder flexibility, helping you to do other exercises with more ease.
  • Engage core to improve posture.
  • Serve as a great cool-down stretch after a long run.

How to do Runners’ Step Twists:

Starting Position: Get in Plank position, with your hands and toes on the ground — hands directly under your shoulders, feet together. Elevate your hips to form a straight line with your body while bracing your core.

Movement: Step your right foot forward to the outside of your right hand. Make sure your heel is on the floor and your knee is over your ankle. Reach your right hand up toward the sky and twist your upper body. Look up at your right hand.

Return: Bring your hand back to the ground. Step your right foot back to plank and repeat other side.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Runners’ Step Twists, step forward to the outside of your hand without adding the twist. Or, without going into a Plank position, step forward pushing your hips forward to stretch your hip flexor.
  • To advance Runners’ Step Twists, reach your arm overhead after raising your hand toward the sky. Hold. Feel the stretch in your side. After the overhead reach, return to the hand raised towards sky position, then drop your hand down. Place your foot back to plank. Repeat on other side.

Movement Tips:

  • Brace your core throughout the exercise.
  • Make sure your hips stay elevated.
  • Keep your chest open and your shoulders down and back.
  • To improve your ability to perform this move, increase your hip flexibility with Frogs.


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