Core & Abs

Russian Twist: Ab Workout

Russian Twist Benefits:

  • Flattens ab muscles.
  • Increases rotational strength and t-spine mobility.
  • Improves rotational strength and coordination, reducing the risk of injury.

 How to do a Russian Twist:

NOTE: Avoid this exercise is you have an ab separation known as diastasis recti, a common post- pregnancy condition.

Start Position: Begin in a seated position, with your heels on the ground. Make a fist with one hand, closing your opposite hand over the top. Lean back until you feel your core muscles engage.

Movement: Pull your heels off the ground, twisting through the rib cage and obliques, and your elbow pointing behind your body. Continue this movement in the opposite direction.

Return: Square your shoulders over your hips and place your heels on the ground.

 Modification and Progression of a Russian Twist:

  • To simplify the Russian Twist, keep your heels on the ground and decrease  the amount you twist.
  • To advance the Russian Twist, extend your legs straight, and try to touch your elbow to the ground.

Movement Tips:  

  • Keep your chin out of your chest.
  • Avoid twisting your shoulders which decreases the twist in the core.


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