Core & Abs

Scissor Kicks: Ab Workout


  • Strengthen and tone core and upper legs for more defined abs (goodbye, “love handles”).
  • Improve lower-body stability by engaging core muscles.
  • Great when paired with other ab exercises done lying down on the back.

How to do Scissor Kicks:

Starting Position: Lie on your back. Keep your arms at your sides, palms face down. Keep your legs extended straight. Hover your heels one inch above the ground.

Movement: Driving your palms into the ground, cross your legs — one over other — forming an “X” with your lower body.  Keep your head in contact with the ground.

Return: Bring your legs back to center, parallel to the ground, then switch legs. Increase your pace as your rhythm improves.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Scissor Kicks, place your hands under your glutes to support your low back. You can also shorten the distance between the crossover.
  • To advance Scissor Kicks, place your arms overhead, with your elbows near your ears and palms facing towards each other. Lift your shoulders and arms one inch off the ground as you perform this move.

Movement Tips:

  • Think about extending your legs straight out to fully engage your core.
  • Point your toes towards your shins.
  • Keep your chest open, and shoulders down and back.
  • Keep your neck neutral, resting your head on the ground. Be sure not to raise your head off the ground as this strains the neck and “cheats” the movement.


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