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Scorpion Stretch: Low Back Relief


  • Excellent stretch to relieve low-back tension or aches.
  • Improve lower spine mobility, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Serve as a great cool-down stretch after an intense back workout.

How to do Scorpions:

Starting Position: Lie on your stomach. Place your arms out, in ‘T’ position. Keep your legs straight, with the tops of your feet on the ground. Keep your chin and nose on the ground, and your neck neutral.

Movement: Keeping your chest and shoulders in contact with the ground, reach and twist one leg over your body, toward the opposite hand.

Return: Leading with your knee, slowly bring your leg back across your body to neutral, on your belly. Switch legs.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Scorpions, perform low lunge.
  • To advance Scorpions, bring your hands to a low ‘Y’ position. Reach and twist your leg across your body, toward your hand.

Movement Tips:

  • Maintain chest and shoulder contact with the ground to get the benefits of this move, and to best feel the stretch in your low back.
  • To challenge your glutes in this movement, lift your leg straight up as much as possible, squeezing the glutes. Then twist across your body, toward your hands.


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