Lower body

Side Kicks Exercise


  • Burn that fat with heart-starting, cardio-busting movement.
  • Tone the abs, glutes, and thighs all in one move.
  • Excellent move for self-defense.

How to do Side Kicks:

Starting Position: Begin in an offset stance, one foot diagonally in front of the other. Keep your hands up in a defensive position — hands in fists at chin level.

Movement: Look at your “target” before you kick. Shift your weight to one leg and tilt your upper body forward and to the side. Kick your opposite leg to the side by bringing your knee to your chest, then extending your leg out — foot flexed toward the shin.

Return: Bring your knee back in toward your chest. Lower your leg to the ground as your return to standing. Alternate sides.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Side Kicks, slow tempo. Place hands on steady surface for balance.
  • To advance Side Kicks, kick at a higher angle. Tilt forward and to the side even more. Bring knee in towards chest and kick to sky.

Movement Tips:

  • Keep your chest up and your shoulders down and back.
  • Focus on your standing balance when first performing this move.
  • Kick out by simultaneously extending your hip and knee. Squeeze your glutes as you kick.

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