Lower body

Squats Exercise

Benefits of Squats:

  • Increases total body strength and improves calorie burn for weight loss.
  • Improves strength in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.
  • Great beginner strength training move.

How to do a Squat:

NOTE: Knee pain is a common concern with a squat, so ensure you’re using proper body mechanics to stay pain and injury free.

Start Position: Stand with your feet hip width apart, arms at your sides.  

Movement: Keep your heels glued to the ground and sit your hips back and down. Maintain a proud chest, as your arms come up for counterbalance.  

Return:  Drive through your heels, standing up all the way, fully extending your hips and squeezing your glutes at the top.

Modification and Progression of a Squat:

  • To simplify the squat, decrease your range of motion while maintaining proper body mechanics. Or, if you want to work on your mobility, start at the bottom of the squat rocking back and forth from your ankles.
  • To advance the squat, try adding a jump at the top. Or pick up your tempo for a speed squat, bringing the intensity up and turning your squat into a power move.

Movement Tips:  

  • Your range of motion is personal to you and should be pain free. Go as low as you can!
  • Keep your chest up and your ab muscles braced throughout your full range of motion.
  • Don’t forget your glutes! Wake them up from being a sleeping booty at the bottom and top of the squat.  
  • Turn the squat into a mobility drill by starting at the bottom, holding on to something if necessary getting those ankles and hips moving.


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