Full body

Standing Twists: Spinal Warmup


  • Feel great on spine, relieving any upper and/or low back tension.
  • Work the core to twist and recenter the torso.
  • Improve spinal mobility.

How to do Standing Twists:

Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms slightly away from the body.

Movement: Twist your entire body — swinging your arms from side to side like a helicopter. Twist and pivot on the balls of your feet, attempting to look behind you.

Return: Slowly twist back to center and return your arms to your sides.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Standing Twists, reach overhead instead of twisting.
  • To advance Standing Twists, perform a mini squat after every twist. Twist to one side, then sink your hips down and back. Stand up by driving through the heel of your non-pivoting foot. Repeat on other side.

Movement Tips:

  • Keep your chest up and shoulders down and back.
  • Think about leading with your elbows as you swing your arms from side to side.
  • Try to look behind you as you twist clockwise and counterclockwise.

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