Lower body

Wide Stance Forward Bend: Hamstring Stretch


  • Increase hamstring and low-back flexibility.
  • Help relieve low-back tension and aches.
  • Serve as an excellent cool-down stretch after a long run.

How to Do Wide-Stance Hip Hinges:

Starting Position: Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.

Movement: Hinge forward from your hips, reaching your hands toward ground, keeping your back flat.

Return: Slowly lift up from your hips to stand, squeezing the glutes to pull yourself up.

Modification and Progression:

  • To simplify Wide-Stance Hip Hinges, hinge forward to 90 degrees at your hips. Place your hands on stable surface for less intensity.
  • To advance Wide-Stance Hip Hinges, hinge forward until your hands touch the ground. Once your hands touch, reach under and behind your legs to place your palms flat on the ground. Increase the stretch by bending your elbows to pull the torso further into the stretch.

Movement Tips:

  • Try to keep your legs as straight as possible in this stretch.
  • Hinge forward until the point at which your low back curls in. The idea is to maintain a straight low back.
  • Keep your chest up and shoulders back.

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