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3 Ways to Get Fit

woman stays fit by writes fitness goals on expo board
Writing your fitness goals down is an excellent way to stay accountable and consistent!

It’s a common story. You start a workout routine to get fit, see some progress, and stick to it for a few months. But the work starts to pick up, and you begin putting your workouts on the back-burner. Four months go by, you’ve gained your lost weight (and more!) back, so you decide to get back into a routine. The cycle repeats itself — again. 

So why not try a new approach this time? Our belief at Gixo is that we can help you get fit by establishing goals, determining your hurdles, and ensuring you have support.

Set That Goal

In order to get fit, you need a roadmap for how you’re going to get there. By setting “SMART” fitness goals, you’ll set yourself up to succeed from the beginning. Setting long- and short-term goals will allow you to visualize where you want to end up on your fitness journey — and how you’ll get there.

SMART stands for:

– Specific

– Measurable

– Achievable

– Realistic

– Timely

A great example of a smart, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goal is training for a 5k. Let’s say Gixo member Allison is going to sign up for a 5k in 6 months. She wants to make sure she can jog the entire time, at a pace of a 10-minute mile or faster. This goal is realistic, timely, measurable, and achievable. She has an end in sight and a measurable way of gauging her progress.

So establish your long- and short-term goals, then break them down into smaller actionable steps. Every time you achieve a goal, celebrate! Congratulate yourself for all of your hard work and determination. Then, get to planning your next goal!

Overcome that hurdle

Are there roadblocks that could be slowing you down or stopping you from achieving your goals? Maybe your work schedule is picking up. Or your kids’ school schedule doesn’t allow for you to workout at the time of day you prefer. Know what it is that’s in your way, and create a strategy to overcome the hurdle.

Let’s say Allison knows that when her kids are home from school, she has less time to workout. If she maps out her workout days, she can plan ahead to squeeze in a quick home workout before they are awake. Or she can coordinate a schedule for longer outdoor workouts on the weekend.

Planning ahead ensures you stay on track and don’t allow a hurdle to become an excuse.

Get that support to stay fit

Once people know you have a specific goal, you’ll find they’re likely to support you in your quest for better health. So talk to your loved ones about ways they can help you get fit.

Getting rid of temptation is a big one. Talk to your family about keeping healthy food in the cabinet. Perhaps you can even trade in your nightly ice cream time for a family walk around the block. Everyone can benefit from your goals in the long run.

Find someone — or an entire community — to keep you accountable. Gixo was built on this idea and offers group classes and an online community to help you keep moving. Join us!

Gixo is here to help you succeed — every step of the way. Chat up your coach in your next class if you need ideas for goal setting or overcoming hurdles. And remember to do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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