5 Minutes with Liana, Gixo Trainer

The competitive nature of team sports was never my thing. But I’ve always enjoyed moving my body. As I started to work out, I loved the confidence I gained from exercising and wanted to help other people feel that way too. Of course there have been times I’ve fallen off the wagon. Luckily accountability buddies — people who are diligent about staying in shape — have held me accountable. 


That’s part of what I love about Gixo. It’s so great to have teammates helping you work toward a healthy goal. Well, that and the ability the app gives you to workout whenever, wherever. I like to tell people taking my classes who are just starting out not to do too much too fast. If you do, you run the risk of injury or burnout. You have to be patient with yourself.

A few fun facts about me…I have an uncanny ability to remember names, faces, and dates. I love to get outside and on a beautiful day, you’re likely to find me hiking. My favorite color is green. And, while it’s hard to choose, my favorite Gixo class is Sprint Intervals.

Liana has many talents beyond getting you to work toward serious results. Next time you’re in class with her, ask her about her secret passion and what she’d be doing as a career if she weren’t in fitness.