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Our 5K Training Plan

Tips on How to Get Ready for Your 5K Run

Signing up for a 5k is an excellent way to challenge yourself to stick with a consistent 5k training schedule. Maybe you’re prepping for your first race and your goal is to simply prove you can do it. (You can!) But take our word for it, once you complete your first race, you just may find yourself hooked — and on a long-term mission to improve your “PR”. (That’s endurance athlete shorthand for “personal record”.) 

Finishing a 5k — which is 3.1 miles — is not just about running fast, of course. You also have to develop aerobic capacity and muscular endurance so you don’t poop out before the finish line. That means you’ll not only need to incorporate distance running, you’ll also need to strengthen your lower body muscles and core to promote efficient running form.

Yes, that means strength training workouts are a critical component of improving your cardio endurance. Working within various speed ranges helps you build your capacity for distance and speed, no matter your distance goal. 

Fortunately, Gixo has you covered. We designed a training program for our upcoming 5K and 10K. It includes short runs, cross training, long runs, and recovery days. Short run classes include Spilt Intervals, Progression Intervals, and Speed Play. Cross training features Strength Tabatas, Booty Work, Circuit Training, Total Core, and Total Body Strength. For long runs, you can join one of our Gixo Run Clubs. And you probably already know how to relax and recover but are welcome to join a Walk and Stretch class.

Whichever classes you take, be sure to stick around for the cooldown to help increase your flexibility. Go ahead, take a spin through our class list and check out the full training program. You’re sure to find a variety that will help you sprint through the 5K (or 10K) finish line. Happy training!