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7 Ways to Make Workouts Fun

Older woman doing fun outside workout
Outside dumbbell workouts are the name of the game!

Remember, as a kid, how you used to love cannonballing into the pool, riding your bike until sundown, or pogo-sticking your way around town? Well, we happen to think exercise can be just as much fun as an adult. It’s really just a matter of finding something that suits your life and your style.

Let’s face it, having a good time is great motivation to get moving. And to keep moving. So start with these seven ideas, and create your very own version of the fun-factor workout routine.

#1: Fun Workouts With a Friend

Not only will your workout buddy hold you accountable, you’ll get to log some social time and a shared experience with someone you enjoy being with. Same time next week?

#2: Hop into a Group Fitness Class

Sometimes seeing other people having fun and working hard helps us rise to the challenge. Group classes are also a great way to make some like-minded, health-focused friends and learn about their go-to workouts beyond the classroom.

#3: Invite Your Friend Miles Away — or Even States Away — to Join You

One of the greatest things about Gixo classes is that you can take them any time, anywhere. So why not catch up with your former college roommate while getting in a workout?

#4: Take the Weights Outside

Get some fresh air while you lift and it just might change the way you see things.

#5: Create a Must-Finish Playlist 

If you know you’ve got another great song coming up, why would you want to stop? Find the music that makes you move and groove…and move…and groove…

#6: A Wardrobe Worth Wearing

If you love your workout clothes and feel great in them, you may even find yourself looking for excuses to fit in more exercise.

#7: Plan and Track Progress

Once you’ve figured out what you enjoy, the real fun comes from tracking your progress. Start with a plan and keep a log of milestones and accomplishments along the way.

And don’t worry. If what was once your magic is now feeling routine and redundant, shake it up. Try something new — something out of your comfort zone.

Our Gixo coaches are happy to brainstorm during class to help you find your sweet spot. And don’t forget to join the Gixo Teammates Facebook page so that you can get to know some really great folks in our community. (Talk about workout goals…these real people are a real inspiration!)

Stay Healthy! The Gixo Team