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4 Tips to Make Your Bootcamp Workouts Count

How do bootcamps work?

Over the past few years, bootcamp workouts have become all the rage. Especially the outdoor versions of the class. Gixo delivers a unique outdoor bootcamp experience for anyone, anywhere by providing live group workouts. Our classes create the ideal environment — and are built with the following tips in mind. (You know, the ones that make it count.)


1. Get quality coaching

The ideal bootcamp experience requires a great leader — someone who leads and guides the class through an effective workout. And, of course, the best bootcamp instructors practice what they preach and are passionate about health and fitness. At Gixo, our coaching team is made up of certified fitness professional with degrees in everything from exercise science to kinesiology to sports physiology. 

The best way to find a great bootcamp fit for you is to try a few different instructors. Some may have the “in your face” drill sergeant attitude, while others are more subtle with their commands. Find one that vibes with your personality.


2. Focus on safety

Having the right exercise cues at the right times is critical. Too many classes demand too many reps in too little time — with limited guidance on how to safely and effectively perform the move. Sure, the title “bootcamp” naturally implies a challenging workout. But compromising safety for intensity should never be the case.

Gixo coaches always ask about previous injuries and medical conditions that could affect fitness performance. They adjust your workout as necessary to ensure the best experience for each participant. So let your coach know if you ever experience pain or have certain medical conditions that can be aggravated by intense exercise.


3. Ensure maximized programming

Programming is a major factor when it comes to a successful bootcamp experience. Every workout should be planned in order to maximize results, while keeping the safety of each client in mind. Without planning, repetitive exercises might be performed daily, leading to possible overuse injuries. Not to mention loss of interest.

Quality programing, on the other hand, allows individuals to workout daily — safely, and with amazing results. A bootcamp class should target various muscle groups and leave you feeling fatigued by the end.


4. Collect data metrics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Here at Gixo, we believe the best way to optimal health is to measure several indicators of success. How far you run. Your elevation level and elevation change. Your running pace. And how many repetitions you complete. These are a few key feedback mechanisms that indicate your present level of fitness.

Tracking stats and data make it possible for you to set new personal records, and achieve new health and fitness goals. Your coach should be able to do more than simply see you exercising; they should be able to track your progress with objective measurements — and mark your improvements.


Ok. Now it’s time to give a Gixo bootcamp class a try. You’ll enjoy the combination of a team atmosphere, intense full-body cardiovascular and strength workout, and fitness education from a live coach. And, if you stick with it, you’ll find our bootcamp classes will help you reduce excess body weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase lean muscle mass, and improve overall coordination and balance. Now that’s worth sweating for!