5 Minutes with Emily, Gixo Trainer

Growing up, I was extremely active in playing sports. Once that stopped, I knew I’d have to keep my weight in check by exercising, but luckily working out and keeping my body moving transitioned into a really healthy passion of mine. Since helping people has always been an interest of mine (which explains my psych degree), I found that sharing my love of fitness with family and friends turned me toward becoming a personal trainer. 

While I train intensely five days a week and remain active every day, I’ve found that fitness isn’t so much about motivation, but discipline. Some days I don’t want to workout. But I have goals I’m working towards and throwing in the towel just because I’m not feeling it that day will set me back. If I’m supposed to work out that day, I do it. Sometimes you just gotta survive and not thrive — and that’s okay. 


While it may sound cliche, I believe it’s so important for anyone trying to get into a fitness groove to fall in love with the process, and stop focusing on the outcomes. If you hate running, stop forcing yourself to run. Find something you enjoy and let that be your ticket to health. I love heavy weight training, but I also keep my body strong by getting out and staying really active with rock climbing (my new favorite!), hiking, kayaking, etc. My dog, Riggs, is the best company and partner on adventures.


Emily — who wanted to be a therapist or addictions counselor at one point — is great at talking through your challenges with you and helping you solve problems or take on new challenges. Don’t hesitate to ask for some advice next time you’re in a class with her.