5 Minutes with Sarah, Gixo Trainer

While my jealousy of my fabulously fit roommate in college — and the attention she got — fueled my competitive juices to get in shape, I now exercise simply because I love it. Keeping sight of long-term goals keeps me confident and motivated.


My road to becoming a trainer started when I applied to an athletic training program, but got denied. I didn’t let that stop me. I simply shifted and studies kinesiology instead. My combined love of learning about the human body and working out led me to where I am today.


My favorite Gixo class is Sprinting Intervals. It’s so motivating and pushes me harder than I would push myself. I try to move every single day — which includes sprinkling in as much volleyball and rollerblading as possible. 


When it comes to coaching and my advice to newbies, I believe you have to get in tune with your body. Stay away from sugar, and find movement you enjoy. Movement that makes you feel powerful and strong.


Next time you’re in class with Sarah, ask her about her favorite podcast – Ben Greenfield Fitness.