Teammate Talk: Cathy

Meet Gixo Teammates Cathy. She’s a single mom in her 50s, and a proud New Yorker with French and Italian roots. She loves gardening, astrology, and cooking (which she actually enjoys even more than eating!). When she’s not working out, you’re likely to find Cathy at the beach or reading.


What inspired Cathy to be more active

Over the past four years, I’ve had an enormous amount of stress in a short period of time. Death, divorce, job loss — a lot of big life changes. And last spring and summer, my son was very sick, spending 11 weeks in various hospitals before coming home the day before my birthday. There’s nothing like helplessly watching your child struggle through illness.



While most people make New Year’s resolutions, I make birthday resolutions. On my birthday last year, I resolved to take better care of myself. I’d gained 20 pounds. I felt tired. I didn’t feel like myself. When my son went back to college in September, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. It was time for me to put my resolution into action.


One of my dearest friends, Susan, turned me on to exercise. It really clears my mind and helps me relax! I decided to try the 15-minute Fit Challenge through Gixo in December with a friend. I got hooked! I’ve taken every Gixo challenge since — sometimes with friends, sometimes on my own. I also walk a few times per week.


Why commitment drives motivation

The Gixo challenges have really helped motivate me. I know that during my lunch break, I am going to exercise. No excuses. The trainers always say, “You can do anything for a minute!” Or, “Just do one more!” Or, “Just 30 seconds more!” On the days that I’m not really feeling it, I tell myself I can do a class. It’s just 25 or 40 minutes.  Afterwards, I always feel more energized and focused.


What working out looks and feels like

I have more energy, more flexibility, plus some new and improved muscles. I feel healthier and happier. It may sound cliché, but those good endorphins are real! And my body looks and feels stronger. I’ve become a more efficient walker too — I can feel different muscles engaging. There is such a sense of satisfaction from feeling your body strengthen.


From walking to burpees

I’ve continued to surprise myself with what I can now do. I’m a walker, not a runner. I never thought I’d enjoy jogging…and certainly not sprinting!  I also never thought I’d be able to do HIIT or Tabatas. Now that I’ve been doing these challenges for months, I can get through almost all of the exercises. I can even do a few burpees! But I haven’t learned to love them. Yet.


Cathy’s advice

No matter what happens in life, you can find anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes, a few days each week, to move. No gym necessary!