Teammate Talk: Julie

I live in the mountains outside of Denver, and became a Gixo loyalist in January of 2019.

For over seven years, I owned a fitness center and taught dance aerobics. I transitioned from teaching 8-9 classes a week, to working at home and running a business. While I truly love my career, I tend to sit at a desk and became unhappy with the toll that was taking on my body and health. The closest gym is a good 30-minute drive, so that hasn’t been a real option for me. But with Gixo, I literally jump out of bed and head downstairs to do my workouts (my apologies for the bed head, coaches!).



I’m nearing the end of my 49th year and feel pretty good for my age. But my recent blood work indicated that I’m officially in menopause (oh yay…) and have high cholesterol. News like that will keep you on your toes! Since I already eat well, my doctor told me regular cardio was a must for me. And while that’s what originally kept me loyal to my Gixo workouts, now it turns out each one is motivating and fun, so I look forward to them.


An added benefit to my Gixo routine? My teenage daughter can’t help but see me taking good care of myself. I know she’s noticing. She’s already very active herself, but I love that in leading by example I’m teaching her that fitness is important at every stage of life.

Thank you Gixo for being a partner in my health journey! (Along with my pup partners…because a puppy as energetic as mine will jump right into the fun when it comes to agility and kickboxing.) Bring on the next challenge — I’ll be there!