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Running: It’s Contagious

The New York Times recently published an article that reinforced everything we believe at Gixo. Here’s the scoop. The statistically significant study found, “…the more you run, the more likely it is you cause your friends to run.” Yep, both men and women are more likely to “push harder” when their friends are a little better at running than they are.

The results also showed that runners influence the amount of time their peers run. Even if the weather is bad, a person will run for three minutes longer if they know their friend has run that day. And simply knowing others are following suit means that these individuals are more likely to adhere to a running schedule — even in inclimate weather.  

We can’t help but think this is the perfect example of friendly competition.

So what does that mean for you? We say find a #workoutteam. At Gixo, we’re all about social fitness and can help you do just that. As a group fitness app with live instructors — and the ability to interact directly with your coach and other participants via call and text features — we’re constantly encouraging you to make new friends and find that competitive edge within yourself.

If you want to directly compete with others, give “The Race” class a try. Your coach will push you to beat out other teammates. Or, if you’re simply trying to get a little better at your individual pace, check out “The Endurance Builder”. There’s something for everyone at Gixo — including that extra bit of positive motivation to push yourself.