Motivation & Mindset

Find the True “Why” Behind Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to fitness and health, most of us have a generic “why” in mind. We’ve been told time and again that a healthy body is a happy body. Which is true. But on each person’s fitness journey, there’s more to the story. So what’s your story? The fact that exercise and healthy eating is vital is the case for everyone, but finding your “why” is crucial to staying motivated and on track to reach your specific, individual goals.

Start with a simple question. Why do you want to get in shape? Then dig a bit deeper. What will happen as a result of getting in shape? Keep asking. Why do you want that? Ask yourself a few more “why”s and — usually about five questions in — you’ll get to the heart of your personal reason for wanting to achieve your goals.

Here’s an example…

Why do you want to exercise? I want to get in shape right now.

Why do you want to get back in shape? I want to lose weight and get stronger.

Why do you want to lose weight and get stronger? I want to feel more confident.

Why do you want to feel more confident? So that I can move forward in my career and find a lasting relationship.

Why do you want to move forward in your career and find a lasting relationship? Because I want to feel successful and loved.

Aha! There’s the deep why: I want to feel successful and loved.

Once you dig and discover your own deep why, write it down. Post it somewhere — lots of somewheres, that you will see it every single day. Consider posting it in places where you’ll engage in positive self-talk, as well as in spots where you tend to falter and make choices that delay you from meeting your ultimate goal. Think about spots like the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the pantry door, the front door, the TV, and even the locked screen of your phone. 

Each time you remind yourself of your deep why, you reaffirm the commitment you’ve made to yourself. Whether you’re wanting to quit or skip a workout, or you’re facing an obstacle that slows you down, let your deep why re-energize you. It is one of the key habits that will help you make health a priority and help you stay true to your goals. 

Just remember to keep showing up.

Do what you can with your why in mind, and celebrate every single step. You got this!