Spreading the Word

Not only are we thrilled to hear people are loving Gixo. We love discovering that they’re spreading the word about their great experiences. Case and point? These three inspiring (and inspired!) women.

If you ask me, someone who’s taken more than 25 Gixo classes can certainly speak from experience. And in the case of Farrah — second-year Family Medicine resident and author of the blog Fairyburger — her abs are giving our classes a shout out too. She’s found the variety of formats and the fact that she can take the classes with her on vacation to be key factors in staying on track. Her great insights don’t stop there, so check out her blog post: Staying Fit with Gixo.


After starting a new job, Amy — author of the blog Will Run 4 Ice Cream — found herself in a workout slump. She knew she needed a running buddy to keep her motivated and accountable, but was having trouble finding someone to join her. Then she heard about Gixo. Group classes, quickies, and getting outdoors are just a few of the things changing the way Amy is working out. Check out the scoop at her blog post: How Gixo is Changing the Way I Workout


With her new baby by her side, Kristen — author of the blog Jonesin’ for a Run — has found that she can enjoy professional coaching and a killer workout right from her living room. Gixo makes exercise easy, interactive, flexible, and accessible. But don’t take our word for it, read what she had to say: Get Moving with Gixo

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