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Health Tip: Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Did you know heart disease is the number one killer of women in America?  Here are some tips to keep your heart healthy and strong.

What is Cardiovascular Fitness?

Cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness is one of the most important components of fitness as it is a measure of how efficiently your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system supplies oxygen and energy to your body.

Heart Healthy Article - pic of woman and daughter making heart signs with their hands
A healthy heart supports a happy body and mind.

Improve your heart health with these 5 tips:

Get in Your Aerobic Minutes

Just 21 minutes a day or 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise is a great start.  And remember ALL movement counts.  This recommendation from the AHA and the CDC are daily minimums to help prevent cardiovascular disease, risk of stroke and diabetes.  If you want to do more go for it.  Pressed for time? Divide up those minutes throughout the day.  Check out Gixo’s 15-minute Indoor Cardio class, guaranteed to get that heart rate up.

Know Your Target Heart Rate

Now that you are geared up to hit your minutes, find your personal heart rate zone to make sure you get the most benefits from your aerobic sessions.  If you have access to or own a heart rate monitor great, but you can also measure your heart rate by finding your pulse in your neck or wrist.  Remember not to use your thumb because it has a pulse of its own.

Eat Heart Healthy Foods

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive or laborious as long as you have a plan.  Focus on whole foods, avoiding processed as much as possible.  Read your labels, and look for hidden ingredients.  When in doubt shop the perimeter of the grocery store where all the fresh ingredients are to make some delicious and nutritious recipes.  Once you start to get the hang of it, begin meal prepping so you have healthy food already prepared to sustain you through the week.

Keep Your Weight in Check

When it comes to weight, everybody has a different number that is right for your body type, height, and ratio of fat to muscle.  Carrying excess weight in the form of fat on the body greatly increases your risk for cardiovascular disease.  Millions of Americans struggle with weight loss and staying in a healthy range.  Increasing your movement minutes and making healthier food choices is a great start.  Most importantly weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.  Be patient and consistent and those pounds will come off!

Manage Your Stress Levels

It is no secret that stress can have a negative impact to your health.  Life has ups and downs so learning techniques to manage your stress levels is extremely important. Breathing, meditation, self-care, and exercise, are great ways to manage stress.