Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Walker or Runner

Picking out the perfect gift for the walker or runner in your life is super easy!  Let’s be real – these days we run with our phone.  That said, we complied a list of the top 5 gift ideas that every outdoor exerciser would love to find wrapped up this season:

1. Bluetooth headphones

Every runner has their go-to playlist.  Make jamming out easier without all the wires! Bluetooth Headphones allow your runner to hear their music, podcast or coach while they exercise.

2. Phone Armband

We love the wind in our hair, but we don’t love juggling our phone. An exercise armband alleviates the annoyance and reduces the risk of dropping the phone while running.

3. Touch screen gloves

In a cold climate, touch screen gloves for the winter months are a winner for sure! Help keep hands warm while still being able to use your touch screen devices. Walkers and runners will love the gift of functionality and warmth.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

If your walker or runner is serious about getting an effective workout, then a heart rate monitor is the way to go. This device can improve pacing, encourage better breathing, and monitor the calorie burn.  We suggest you get a bluetooth model like the Polar H10 so it syncs effortlessly to the phone.


5. A Workout Buddy!

Give the gift of a real LIVE coach and workout buddy.  For support and encouragement, accountability, and improved performance.  We suggest Gixo – our new fitness app with LIVE classes all day and night.  It’s perfect for a walker or runner who is just getting back into the habit of exercise, and will make workouts more effective and engaging for all fitness levels.  Gixo even offers strength classes to compliment all the cardio.   Use this link to buy a gift subscription to Gixo.