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4 Benefits to Including Kickboxing in Your Workout Routine

Coach Medwin demonstrating his kicks

Blowing off steam and getting a great workout in? That’s what kickboxing is all about.

The sport of kickboxing combines all kinds of martial arts — including Western Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and other stand up styles. Throwing various types of punches, getting in some great kicks, and sometimes even including elbows and knees, you’ll build highly effective fighting form, while also getting fit. And don’t worry, you don’t have to actually make contact with anything (or anyone) to enjoy the release and fitness benefits of punching, kicking, and striking.  

Benefit #1: Cardio That Counts

All that moving around — from punching to kicking to blocking — means some seriously impressive aerobic benefit.  And when you vary the speed and intensity of the strikes you throw, you’ll also improve your anaerobic threshold, meaning power and explosive strength. Now that’s a great overall cardiovascular workout.

Benefit #2: Build Strength

Kickboxing isn’t all cardio — it’s a great strength workout as well. Think stronger shoulders as you work that upper body and get your hands up. And when you nail those kicks and high knees with force and efficiency? Your more powerful lower body will thank you.  

Benefit #3: Sculpt Your Core, Hips, and Booty

At first glance, kickboxing may just look like a good arm, leg, and cardio workout. While it is all those things, it’s so much more. In order to properly throw punches and kicks, you’ll discover your speed and power starts from the ground up — using your core, hips, and booty.  As your master your technique, each of those assets will get stronger through kickboxing training.

Benefit #4: Serious Stress Relief

We’ve all had those days. You know, the ones where you absolutely have to get your aggression out? With kickboxing, you’ll do it in a healthy way — and you’ll find your mind and body thrive. You’ll get a chance to focus on yourself, move at high intensity, improve your technique, and punch and kick your stress away. After moving, practicing, and kicking some butt, you can’t help but feel better.

How can Gixo get you started?

Our team of professional coaches is ready to get you off on the right track. First, you’ll learn how to stand. It’s key to start with a good base and a proper fighting stance. After that, the coach will show you how to move, staying light on your feet — properly shifting your body weight. Finally, we’ll introduce basic punches and the proper technique involved in throwing a strong and fast punch. Last, the coach will move on to proper kicking mechanics. The end result? Well, we like to think a healthier, stronger, less stressed you.

See you in class!