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5 Lunch Break Worthy Workouts

Daily life can get downright hectic — working long hours, getting meals planned and made, incorporating a bit of a social life, and getting enough sleep. When the basics seem to take up all your time, it’s easy to see exercise as an “extra” you can skip. The truth is, moving is so important to your emotional and physical well being, and it’s easier to fit into your day than you think thanks to these lunch break hacks.

Take A Walk

Whether you go it alone (hello, introverts!), or use the time to explore the area with colleagues, this is a simple way to clock some movement and escape your desk. And, according to a Harvard study of over 1,000 men and women, those who walked at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, had 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised once a week or less. Getting in that exercise and boosting your immune system is a win-win!

Sneak in Fitness “Snacks”

We’re not just talking about making smart food choices that fuel your body, but getting in little workouts throughout the day. It’s ok if you can’t find a 45-minute window to work up a sweat. Even 5 or 10 minutes can make a difference (Here are some great 5-to-10-minute Gixo classes to check out). In the case of these “snacks”, well, the more the better!

Plan a Stretch Break

Getting a mid-day sweat going may be a bit challenging depending on your workplace, we get it. Simply stretching can make a huge impact on your energy without requiring a change of clothes or shower. Some of our favorite workplace stretches are the standing side stretch, wall slides, and standing twists. Or, give the Gixo Take 5 class a try — it was created for you to be able to do right at your desk.

Take the Stairs

Whether you’re in a high-rise or a two-story office building (or parking garage!), this is a great way to strengthen your legs and glutes, while also increasing your heart rate. Set a 15-minute stopwatch and see how many flights of stairs you can climb. And if there are only one or two flights? No problem — run up and down each flight for an added challenge.

Do Some Yoga

Not only will you get stronger, but you’ll also reduce your stress level when you work in a few restorative yoga poses to your day. You can even take a quick class (like Gixo Yoga Calm 25). In no time you’ll feel your tension releasing and your blood flowing.

Now that you’ve got some ideas of things you can do, create a plan. How many days do you want to make exercise a part of your lunch break? If you’re just getting back to fitness, start with one day a week. Gradually add a day until you meet your personal goal. Set yourself up for success and, as you start seeing the results, you just might find you look forward to your lunch break more and more.