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5K Fun K Training Plan

Get 5K ready with this weekly training plan! A 5K is the perfect introductory distance for new runners and walkers, as well as a challenging test of speed for the most competitive runners. Our 4-week training program carefully balances running or walking, cross-training, and mobility to get ready for race day. All levels are welcome!


  • 4-week plan
  • Recommended training time: 165 minutes per week
  • Runners and walkers are welcome!

Recommendations to increase efficacy and decrease the risk of injury

  • Do the best you can. If you miss a day, just start with today’s workout
  • Push yourself during the workouts but listen to your body and stop if you’re in pain
  • Try to exercise at the same time each day to build a habit
  • Include strength and mobility training in addition to your walks or runs
  • Keep your strength training in balance.  Both core and lower body strength are important
  • Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep!

The Weekly 5K Training Program

Sunday - Walk & Stretch Sunday: Walk & Stretch

Sundays are fun-days!  We encourage you to enjoy Walk & Stretch, or your favorite physical activity.  Go for a hike, swim, bike ride, or whatever would be the most fun way to get some exercise. 


Monday - Enjoy YogaMonday: Enjoy Yoga

When it comes to running, recovery is the key to success.  In order to keep your lower body healthy and happy, you must work mobility on a regular basis.  Try yoga or a mobility class. 


Tuesday - Be StrongerTuesday: Be Stronger

Running is a total body exercise. The stronger you are, the faster you go. Class options include Strength Tabatas, Circuit Training, and Abs & Booty Blast. Or try doubling up with Total Core and Booty Work!


Wednesday - Get MovingWednesday: Get Moving

Wednesday is for skills and speedwork.  Take advantage of Gixo’s live coaching to improve your form and work on skills like breathing, cadence, and foot strike. There are lots of good options to choose from including Cardio Speedwork, Run Intervals, Endurance Walk or Run, Cardio Quickie, 5K Walk or Run. And yes, walkers are welcome!


Thursday - Be StrongerThursday: Be Stronger

What class did you take Tuesday? Try to do something different on Thursday! All Be Stronger classes are also available On Demand.



Friday - Mix It UpFriday: Mix it up

On Fridays, we put it all together.  The goal is to combine strength and cardio in classes including Cardio & Legs, Quickie, or Cardio & Core. If your schedule on Friday changes because of travel, try to get your workout done in the morning or squeeze in a 15-minute workout.


Saturday - Get MovingSaturday: Get Moving

Today is your long run.  Feel free to work out outdoors or inside on a treadmill. Run Club and Endurance Walk or Run are great options. And once again, walkers are welcome!



Repeat this rotation of workout types for four weeks to complete your weekly 5K training. Record your average pace each week to see how you’re progressing. Prep yourself physically (and mentally!) the week before the race. And don’t forget to have fun!