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9 Immediate Benefits of Exercise

Exercise makes you feel good and look good #win-win

We all know we *should* exercise because it benefits our health, right? But sometimes we need a reminder of how big the “why”s are to inspire us to get moving. (And we’re not just talking about that waistline!) Because once we add exercise into our routine, we feel a number of immediate differences. So check out this impressive list of benefits that come from getting your body moving. And whether you go for cardio-based or strength-training exercises, you’ll find that — in no time — your body is changing. For the better.

Let’s start with heart and lung function. You’ll be amazed at the difference a bit of exercise can make to these vital systems… and quickly.

1. Increased oxygen to your muscles

When your lungs work more efficiently, your body feels — and moves — like a well-oiled machine. You’ll also find your muscles are able to lift more weight, building strength.

2. Quicker recovery

You know that feeling of soreness after a new, hard workout? Well, that will go away faster and faster over time, because your muscles are growing and adapting. And, when your heart function is stronger, your risk factors for heart-related disease decrease too.

3. Reduced blood pressure

When your blood is pumping more efficiently, your organs function better. Imagine that your circulatory system is a multi-lane highway. When you engage in regular exercise, the traffic flow improves.

4. Reduced total body fat (we’re looking at you, belly!)

You’ll look good. You’ll feel good. And your improved body functioning? Well, that will be good, too.

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You can’t argue with all of these benefits so far, can you? Well, here’s where it all adds up. In years. Yes, the truth of the matter is, a main benefit of exercise is that it leads to a longer lifespan.

5. Higher activity, lower risk of heart disease

Need we say more?

6. Decreased anxiety and depression

Not only will exercise improve your mood, it’s likely to lead to a much more confident you!

7. Improved cognitive function

Yes, exercising makes you smarter. Seriously. When your blood flows more efficiently through your body, your brain is one of the major beneficiaries.

8. Reduced risk of falls and injuries from falls in older individuals

Better balance and strength can not only help with stability, but also with improved recovery should an accident take you down.

9. Enhanced feeling of well-being

How can you not feel better knowing your mind and body are operating at a higher level than before you were exercising?

Now we like to think this list is some serious motivation. Are you ready to give exercise — and your personal health — a go? Why not start with a simple 15-minute Gixo class to get you moving. As far as we’re concerned, no step is too small on the journey to a better you! (But every step is more fun together.)

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