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Stick With Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Welcome to 2019. Otherwise known as the year you’ll stick to your fitness goals. That’s right. With a Gixo Coach on your side, you’re one step closer to habit-forming success. Here’s the scoop on the can’t-miss Gixo GO Team Challenge, starting Monday, January 7th.

Program overview:

  • 4 weeks: Monday, January 7th through Saturday, February 2nd
  • 4 live workouts each week: Starting at just 15 minutes long, and building to 40-minute workouts
    • Monday: HIIT
    • Tuesday: Strength
    • Thursday: Mix it Up
    • Saturday: Cardio (Running/Walking or Indoor Cardio)
  • Location: Wherever you are! Each of these workouts can be done indoors, with the option to be outdoors on Saturdays.
  • Equipment needed: Just your phone, headphones, and a positive attitude! A mat is helpful, but not mandatory.

Our commitment to you:

    • A dedicated coach: You’ll be assigned a coach to guide you through each workout and to check in with you throughout the challenge. Your coach will personally email and text message you with encouragement, guiding you every step of the way.
    • A daily pep talk: Short videos will be posted daily to help you stay motivated and moving forward — in mind and body. Follow Gixo on Instagram and Facebook for your daily boost of motivation.
    • A supportive community: Join our private group, Gixo Teammates on Facebook. This is a great place to connect with others doing the GO Team Challenge, and celebrate your victories.
    • Completion rewards (for U.S. only)Non-U.S. Teammates, never fret! We will hook you up with equally valuable completion awards too.
      • Complete the first 8 workouts during the GO Team Challenge by Sunday, Jan 20, and you will receive delicious products from NOW Real Food®. You’ll earn a Raw Energy Nut Mix, a tasty and nutritious combination of raisins, walnuts, pecans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and cashews. You’ll also get Organic Liquid Monk Fruit, a zero-calorie natural sweetener.
      • Complete all 16 workouts during the GO Team Challenge by Sunday, Feb 4, you will receive a pair of Tabio Signature Run Socks. Breathable, flexible, durable and skidproof, these socks feature high-quality fabrics for optimum comfort and support. They’re great for running or any Gixo workout.

What we ask you to commit to:

  • Show up 4x a week: Live workouts are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you miss a day, make it up On Demand. If you’re sick, sign in to class anyway. It’s ok to just watch if that’s what you need to do for your body. You’ll still get credit for the class, and this will help you to stay on track to forming good habits around your workouts.

You’ll be assigned a coach and a team based on your weekday time slot.

Weekday time slots and lead Coaches:

  • 6 am EST / 3 am PST – Coach Alasdair
  • 7 am EST / 4 am PST – Coach Alasdair
  • 8 am EST / 5 am PST – Coach Liana
  • 9:30 am EST / 6:30 am PST – Coach Liana
  • 12:15am EST / 9:15am PST – Coach Medwin
  • 3:15pm EST / 12:15pm PST – Coach Sarah
  • 8:15pm EST / 5:15pm PST – Coach Mary Beth
  • 9:15pm EST / 6:15 PST – Coach Alexis
  • 10:15pm EST / 7:15pm PST – Coach Emily

You’ll also sign up for a Saturday slot (choose any time):

  • 8 am EST / 5 am PST — Indoor Cardio
  • 9 am EST / 6 am PST — Outdoor or Treadmill Walk/Run
  • 10 am EST / 7 am PST — Indoor Cardio
  • 11 am EST / 8 am PST — Outdoor or Treadmill Walk/Run
  • Noon EST / 9 am PST — Indoor Cardio
  • 1 pm EST / 10 am PST — Outdoor or Treadmill Walk/Run
  • 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST — Outdoor or Treadmill Walk/Run
  • 7 pm EST / 4 pm PST — Indoor Cardio

Full class schedule:

Week 1: Starting Jan 7

  • Monday, Jan 7: Quick HIIT Intervals (15 min)
  • Tuesday, Jan 8: Full Body Sculpt (15 min)
  • Thursday, Jan 10: HIIT + Abs (25 min)
  • Saturday, Jan 12: Your choice of Walk/Run OR Indoor Cardio (25 min)

Week 2: Starting Jan 14

  • Monday, Jan 14: Kickboxing Intervals (25 min)
  • Tuesday, Jan 15: Total Body Sculpt (25 min)
  • Thursday, Jan 17: HIIT + Upper Body (25 min)
  • Saturday, Jan 19: Your choice of Walk/Run OR Indoor Cardio (25 min)

Week 3: Starting Jan 21

  • Monday, Jan 21: Total Body Intervals (25 min)
  • Tuesday, Jan 22: Yoga Sculpt (40 min)
  • Thursday, Jan 24: HIIT + Booty (25 min)
  • Saturday, Jan 26: Your choice of Walk/Run OR Indoor Cardio (40 min)

Week 4: Starting Jan 28

  • Monday, Jan 28: Total Body Tabatas (30 min)
  • Tuesday, Jan 29: Total Body Blast (40 min)
  • Thursday, Jan 31: HIIT + Full Body (40 min)
  • Saturday, Feb 2: Your choice of 5K Walk/Run OR Indoor Cardio (40 min)

If you’re new to Gixo, welcome! Here are some tips to prep for the GO Team Challenge:

  • Follow Gixo on Facebook and Instagram to hear Pep Talks and get in the mindset to make a positive habit change.
  • Take the Gixo Beginner Class Demo so you’re familiar with the app.
  • If you register before the new year, join us for the Resolution Run on January 1st. No pressure, you can walk. It’s really just about showing up — for the event and for yourself. What a great opportunity to kick off a healthy year, and get acclimated to the Gixo app. And since it’s free, why not invite some friends or family to join you?
  • Accept the calendar invites attached to the 16 class confirmations sent via email. (Didn’t receive them? Check your folder and add and to your address book!)

Ready to #goteam? Reserve your spot before January 7.