Motivation & Mindset

Group Fitness Classes Reduce Stress (and More!)

Working exercise into a busy lifestyle is no joke. We know, we’ve hit our own roadblocks along the way. But we believe you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you’re better off in a group fitness class. While there’s all kinds of research that proves many forms of exercise improve your mental health, a study in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association showed that those who took a group class experienced the most significantly decreased levels of perceived stress — as well as the most increased quality of life. Talk about getting the most out of your workouts!

Here are a few of the reasons we’re big on group fitness. (Though none of these will come as a huge surprise if you’re already a Gixo devotee.)

Good Old-Fashioned Motivation

While professional coaches like our Gixo staff are well-rounded fitness experts, the truth is part of their magic is their ability to cheer you on and feed positive energy into your workout. Just when you feel like maybe you want to back down a bit or sit this one out, a coach is there encouraging you to strive for your personal best — whether you’re a fitness newbie or training for a race. Add in some friendly competition from classmates and you just might find yourself reaching your goals faster than you thought you could.

Professionally Designed Workouts

While each individual approaches exercise with specific goals in mind, figuring out how to accomplish them can be overwhelming. Group fitnesses classes are designed to be effective and balanced. A lot of planning goes into each and every choice, and you don’t have to give it a second thought. So, post class, feel free to thank your trainer for helping you do a bunch of the heavy lifting.

Form, Form, Form

Have you ever watched someone at the gym and noticed that even though they’re going through the motions, something doesn’t look right? That’s what fitness instructors — including our Gixo coaches — do all day every day. Only they know how to fix what’s “off”. Yes, really! Even though they’re not physically in the room with you, if your camera is on, our coaches can help you get it right. (Our movement library is also great for practice!) And not only is proper form a key to preventing injuries, it’s what helps make that workout count.

Mixes Things Up

While you could do yoga, HIIT, full body weights, cardio kickboxing, total core, and circuit training on your own, chances are, you won’t. Choosing from all kinds of classes helps you get the most out of your workout based on how your mind and/or body feels each day, and helps you avoid the exercise boredom blues.

Keeps You Honest

While there are all kinds of quirky awesome personalities out there, a lot of us (hello, we’re talking about us!), tend to feel more pull to exercise when you’ve actually committed to something — or someone. Just the act of signing up for a class makes it more likely you’ll show up… for yourself too. And, once you’re moving, it’s harder to let yourself quit when you know there are other people doing the workout with you.

Fitness Buddies

Whether you actually know someone in the class or not, you can’t help but feed off of other people’s energy in a group workout. By the end, you’re all cheering each other on as a part of the holy-cow-we-crushed-it team. And, with Gixo, since the group class is on your phone, you get all of the laughs and encouragement during chat time, without any comparison or side eye you may have experienced at gyms. (That’s right, with Gixo only the coach can see you doing your workout when you give them permission to access your camera.)

Ups the Fun Factor

A shared beat courtesy of a great song, jokes to break the tension at just the right moment, “friends” to cheer you on, a coach to rally the crowd. These are some of the fun, lively aspects to a group fitness class you simply can’t recreate on your own.

And what used to be the knocks against group fitness classes — you know, the stress of driving across town at rush hour, shelling out half your salary for a package, arriving early to get a spot in the back of class where people won’t see you — well, these don’t have to get in your way anymore. Thanks to technology, you can be a part of a group without leaving home. While it may sound counterintuitive at first, Gixo enthusiasts will agree that once you get in the rhythm with our coaches and format, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

What do you say? Ready to sign up for your first live Gixo small group workout? Yeah, we thought so. Can’t wait to see you there!