Trainer Tips

Walking Podcasts for Parents


Grab your shoes and join parenting experts for a series of FREE live walking podcasts on the kid-related topics. Download the Gixo app and tap the links below on your phone to listen! Walk solo — or with a stroller —  outdoors or on a treadmill.

Walk & Learn: Sleep for New Moms

Are you a new mom wondering if you’ll ever sleep again? During this free walking podcast, you’ll learn about sleep development in babies and children, why babies are more settled in the mornings and awake all evening, and most importantly, how to protect your own sleep. Rachel FitzD is an internationally known baby and parenting expert (and Coach Alasdair’s mom!).

Walk & Learn: Childcare Ideas

Babysitters, nannies, daycare, OH MY! Lynn Perkins from UrbanSitter offers up ideas for finding and vetting childcare providers. She provides pro tips for managing and building healthy communication with your care provider. During this free Walk & Learn class, we’ll tackle tough questions like, When is it time to look for a new childcare solution? And, How do I really pull out the truth on a reference check?

Walk & Learn: Picky Eaters

Why is the same baby who refuses to eat green beans also the baby that voluntarily eats dirt and lint off of the floor? Research shows that “picky eaters” at the early eating stage is a myth. The question is: what do I do about this? During this free Walk & Learn class, Santiago Merea, Founder and CEO of Raised Real shares a few tips to get your tiny human to eat it all!

Walk & Learn: Parent Hacks

Being a parent and having a job is not for the weary. In addition to being a parent and working, there are other things we try to prioritize — like exercise! We all crave more time to focus on ourselves, family, and friends, but often struggle to find it. Join Stacey Delo, CEO of Après, a career resource for moms, in this free Walk & Learn class. She shares five creative strategies to help you carve out more time and achieve better work-life flow, all while getting a move on!