Motivation & Mindset

Introducing Points!

Working with a trainer is one of the best ways to stick to a fitness routine. Gixo coaches are dedicated to helping you crush your fitness goals through increased accountability, personalized guidance, and motivation in every workout. There’s now another way to celebrate your process: in-app points.

Get moving with points

Gixo points are another way to meet your fitness goals through healthy habit building and balanced workouts. In the Gixo app, you’ll earn weekly points across three categories: cardio, strength, and mobility.

Consistency is key

Points are designed to help you create — and stick to — a fitness routine. There are so many benefits to exercising regularly. Your Gixo points reset on a weekly basis to keep you moving. Make a weekly commitment to yourself for how many workouts you’re going to take. We recommend signing up all of your classes for the week in one fell swoop — and then rescheduling or taking it on demand in case something comes up!

Balance is rewarding

Live classes help you get the most out of your workout through coaches that educate and encourage you through every exercise. While there are benefits to all different types of exercise, it’s important to vary the types of workouts you do. Why? Mixing it up helps avoid plateaus and boredom. That’s why each week you’ll be tasked with earning points in three categories:

  • Cardio: walking, running, HIIT, Kickboxing
  • Strength: bodyweight and weight training
  • Mobility: yoga, stretching, warm-ups and cooldowns in all workouts

Earn your weekly points!

Each Gixo workout helps you earn points towards your goals. Complete all three and you’re on FIRE — Gixo will recalibrate your goal for the next week. Think about which classes you want to take each week to complete the cardio / strength / mobility trifecta each week! Who’s ready to fill their rings?