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Why We Love Resistance Bands Training and Workouts

resistance bands
We think resistance bands are, well, irresistible.

Resistance bands are your friend. Why? Resistance training is used to improve muscular strength and endurance. Gone are the days where you walk into the gym and head straight for the treadmill. People are turning to strength training to reach their goals in a more timely manner.  While body weight training is a great option, adding some equipment like resistance bands to challenge your body a little more can help you see results.

Here are a few reasons we all should be adding strength work into our daily training routine:

Get strong bones: By putting some stress on your bones with resistance it makes your bones stronger and increases bone density, which in turn can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Manage weight or lose weight: The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day. So if your goal is weight loss, add strength training to increase your metabolism. It can really give you more bang for your buck for every workout.

Decrease likelihood chronic conditions and pain: We’ve already pointed out strength can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but it can also decrease the signs and symptoms of depression, arthritis, heart disease, back pain, and diabetes.

Shape your body: Resistance training isn’t about bulking up — in fact, it’s the opposite. In a society that has turned to praising curves (about time… am I right?) resistance training is a way to emphasize those curves you already have or gives you a way to build some from the muscle up.

Do we have your attention yet? Good. So why choose resistance bands over the plethora of the other equipment out there?

Low cost: Resistance bands have an insanely low cost for what you are getting (see recommendations below). Many come with multiple bands, making it easy to move up in resistance without having to empty your wallet to do so. You can also easily double up on bands if you ever need even more.

Easy to store/take with you: Bands can easily fit in a suitcase, backpack, even a purse, giving you no excuse to miss a workout while traveling. They can also be stored very easily, giving you a great home gym no matter the amount of space.

Versatile and adaptable: With many different options for resistance bands, it is easy to hit every single muscle group. Even if you only have one type of bands, you can easily get a great full body workout in. They are also a great option for beginners, all the way up to the more advanced. Easily adaptable no matter the skill set or experience.

Can use alone: Often with weights, you have to worry about either finding a spotter or getting crushed by some weight. With bands, there is no danger of getting stuck under some weight! Even if you aren’t able to find a workout partner for the day (or if you prefer one virtually 😉 ) you don’t have to worry about safety being an issue.

As luck would have it, Gixo just launched three new classes to put your bands to work: Irresistible Booty, Irresistible Arms, Irresistible Upper Body. (Irresistible, get it? We love a good pun.)

Need resistance bands? Here are a couple of great options recommended by our coaches.

The Fit Simplify Resistance Bands are not only inexpensive, only $11, but give you 5 different resistance options. However, if for some reason there is not the exact right resistance you are looking for in those 5 options, they are very easy to double up an give you a little more work. These are a great option for lower body resistance training and a great tool to set that booty ablaze!

These Tribe Resistance Bands are $21, and can get you up to 105 lbs of resistance! There are 5 different bands to fit your needs, as well as great handle options for some upper body training. These go great with our arm and upper body classes on demand!