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Teammate Talk: Danie

Danie Gardner

Meet Gixo Teammate Danie. She’s an animal-loving, 30-year-old HR professional who lives in Michigan with her husband, two cats, and a dog-sized rabbit — who happen to be her regular #workoutbuddies. When she’s not working out, Danie spends as much time with animals as possible. In fact, she dreams of having a small animal sanctuary in the country one day.


What inspired Danie to start working out?

I finally took a hard look at myself, the number on the scale, and the constant increase in size of clothing I was buying. I’d always been an active person, but as I got older my metabolism slowed down, along with my activity levels. Before I knew it, I was 50 pounds overweight.


On staying motivated

Honestly, I still struggle with motivation. I’ve been with Gixo for a little over a year, and I go through ups and downs with my consistency. I find that when I plan my workouts on a weekly basis, rather than day to day, I can plan other activities around my exercise schedule. Also, the biggest motivator is knowing that the trainers are live! I’m not just doing the same workout video for the hundredth time. When I do classes with the same Gixo trainer over and over, they see that I’ve signed up and are expecting to see me when class starts. That helps give me an extra push to show up and get the workout done.


What change looks and feels like

Sticking with Gixo has helped me lose weight. I actually lost 15 pounds! Unfortunately I’ve gained seven of those back due to my inconsistency and my nutrition being wishy-washy lately. With Gixo, I’ve noticed I tend to be excited to work out. Having the live trainers — and an amazing community of Gixo teammates — cheering me on has helped keep me active and wanting to be more healthy. I am not a runner. I’ve never liked it. But I know the cardio is great for me, so I take Gixo running classes. Never in a million years would I have believed I could run a 5K without stopping. But now I can!


Danie’s advice

Start sooner! Get off your butt and get active. Now! Also, don’t get discouraged when you don’t see changes instantly. I know I didn’t get to the unhealthy point I am overnight, and I’m not going to get where I want to be overnight either. Consistency is the key to success.