Trainer Tips

Teammate Talk: Lauren

As a 43-year old living with a severe chronic illness —  Common Variable Immune Disorder (CVID) — working out was not my thing. In fact, until I discovered Gixo, I had spent several years pretty much bedridden due to illness. Essentially, I don’t produce the antibodies all people need to fight infection. Without a working immune system, I have to depend on infusions of donor plasma every three weeks. 

These had been providing me with the antibodies I need to do the basic job of keeping me alive — thank goodness! — but my quality of life had suffered. I had become severely overweight. 

When I heard about Gixo, I decided to check out the app. I saw a 15-minute class called the Super Quickie. Since I hadn’t exercised in 15 years — heck, I’d barely left my bed — I had a choice to make. Gixo felt like an opportunity. I was inspired to actively participate in my own health. 



I wasn’t sure I could tolerate 15 minutes of physical activity, but I took a risk. I signed up for the 4pm class, and, holy cow! I could barely breathe by the end of class. The 4-minute run/walk section was a HUGE challenge for me, but I managed to stay moving for the entire class. For me, that was a huge win. And, in the upcoming days and weeks and months, that became my goal. Just keep moving. 

Now, two years later, I’m still moving. Class after class.

Each class has helped me become more energetic, stronger, and better able to cope with life’s challenges. I never thought I’d ever willingly go for a “shuffle/jog/run/walk” at six o’clock in the morning, but here I am. Doing exactly that. 

If I could tell my pre-Gixo self anything, it would be to stay open and curious. Each coach and each teammate has so much to offer. You’ll constantly learn from each of them. Take it all in and have fun along the way.